Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dorchester Collegiate Academy

Will DCA be allowed to open next year? There was some talk about the state not allowing new charters to open because of the economy. Does anyone out there know what's happening with this?

By the way, why is the naming thing so challenging in this city? In NYC, you have Williamsburg Collegiate, Kings Collegiate, etc. and they're all run by Brett Peiser as the "Collegiate" network of Uncommon Schools. This makes sense. In Boston, the schools that have at least some level of connection (Pacific Rim - Boston Prep; Boston Collegiate - Edward Brooke), don't have similar names. Meanwhile, schools that have similar names (Roxbury Prep - Boston Prep; Boston Collegiate - Dorchester Collegiate Academy - Excel Academy), have no relationships with each other.

I don't know how they chose their name, but Dorchester Collegiate Academy seems to have tried to get some cachet by copying parts of their name from previously existing, successful Boston charter schools. Or maybe they just liked the name...

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